Sunday, November 30, 2014

One of My Most Useful Tools

One of my most useful tools is Pushbullet for Android and Chrome devices. For those of you who don't know, Pushbullet will save any link you want and then sync it to all the devices that you set up. So say for instance, you are thumbing through your Twitter feed, and you come across a great article that you open and want to finish later. Well just share it,  and choose Pushbullet. It will sync to all your devices, or just a specific one. Once it's in your Pushbullet, you can then share that link through sms, email, or to another app.
Then there's the mirroring feature that I use on Chrome. If you're on your desktop working, you can sync Pushbullet to show your sms messages or any pushed links. What's great about this, especially for me if I am working on a client's website with them, is that they can text me their input, and I don't need to pick up my phone. I can reply right from my desktop through a pop-up window! Talk about efficient!
I have all my client's website links stored in Pushbullet, so at anytime on my phone I can view them. I also have links to blogs that I'd like to read later. I even have a how to video saved for a day where I have time to change my memory stick in my Chromebox.
The newest features are Channels and Add Friends. Channels lets you subscribe to feeds that you might be interested in. Add Friends will let you share to your previously selected friends, and push links to them.
One other feature that I use a lot is their version of Copy to Clipboard. You can select any text, and push that text to Pushbullet and sync it to all your devices. So for instance iI want to copy a paragraph I highlight it, then I choose share from my menu, the choose Pushbullet. Now I have synced that paragraph to all my listed devices! Great feature.
While these are great features, my favorite and most useful are still the copying and syncing links, as well as the mirroring to my desktop screen allowing me to reply.

So definitely check out this app. It has overtaken all my others as the one I use most.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Its' FREE!

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