Monday, November 17, 2014


So recently I have been discussing building websites with a few different clients who are new to the website owners game. One question that comes up every time, is ” How does a new website differ from my blog?” Well the answer is not so simple, but in all of my cases was similar. While a blog is a cheaper, quicker, and lighter version of a website, it should actually just be a branch of the website. 
What do you mean by branch? Well, if we think of all the social media that people and businesses are involved in, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…, their information  is scattered all over the internet making it hard for users to find. Think of a website as the trunk of a large tree. The branches stemming from the trunk are all the social media sites associated with that website. The website is the “Hub” of the tree. From the trunk you can reach up to any branch. A website should work in the same way. 
The website should be where all your users come first. You should try to direct all traffic to the website giving the user the freedom to view what they want. From there, users can access all the other forms of
media that they are interested in. Ex. not everyone wants to read an entire blog post, but maybe they’ll want to read a short Twitter post about it. Or maybe someone can’t watch a video right then, but they would like to read a blog post about the video. All this different info is available to the user without leaving the page!
The website should also be the main point of contact. In the website it should be very easy to access email addresses, phone number’s etc… By using a website for this, you will increase your user’s interaction immensely. It’s far easier to fill out a contact form and input a lengthy message then replying to a tweet with a limited amount of characters. But hey if that’s what they want, a Twitter feed in a website can do that too, and the user doesn’t have to leave the page!
While the blogs and tweets are constantly changing, the website is the anchor that holds all the information together in one place. The website contains all the contact information, social media addresses, and personal info, for users to access easily. While it’s great to have all these social media sites, it’s very hard to search them individually on the internet. By using a website, users can find and view all the important info, (what you’re about, contact info etc….) and then check out the different branches of your site.
If your serious about getting yourself, your company, or your organization more followers or traffic, then you should have a website.

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