Sunday, November 23, 2014

3rd Day With Webydo No Signs Of Slowing Down

So this is the third day using Webydo. It's been the best day yet. I am now moving around the editor more fluently. My speed in building objects and placing them has increased dramatically. I am now moving around the editor instead of stumbling around the editor.

The one thing I've found to be the hardest task, is customizing fonts. There is so much to go through. Yesterday it took me about 2 hours to build one page to the point where I was happy with it! On my other editors, 2 hours and I usually have the entire basic structure built. So tonight was a breakthrough for me. I built a very text heavy page, (pricelist) in only about 45 minutes. I then built a contact page complete with a Google map embedded in it in 15 minutes. The pricelist page had three different fonts and three different sizes, as we'll as bullet points and a link.

So as I go along, my first impressions of this editor were that it was slow and tedious and a little tough to navigate. My impression now has definitely changed. I now see the flow of the tools in the editor and how efficient working with it really is.

Again I do like Wix very much, and both editors have their strengths and weaknesses.

My current experiment of building two of the same websites with each has been eye opening. In this case, the Webydo site looks more dynamic, and had a couple of rich visual features that set it apart. But in  my prior test, the Wix editor did do a nice job on a less visual type of site.

I think my decision on which editor to use will inevitably be decided by that particular project.

Hopefully my client picks up my Webydo website and I can then show you all what it looks like.

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