Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Different Ways On How To Use Your Website

So I recently had a client ask what were the ways that other clients use their website and which is the best? Well, I said, there are a few different ways to use a website, the best way depending on what you want your website to accomplish.

I have a client who is using their website to get her brand out there. She concentrates on a nationwide customer base. For the type of traffic she wants, when building her site, we concentrated on website verification, SEO, and daily monitoring of analytics to make adjustments. We have an aggressive daily social media plan in place. We try to collect all the info we can from her visitors, and have a news letter campaign. She also blogs once a day on content related to her product, sales, promotions etc... For this type of website to be successful, you need to be aggressive in all forms of marketing and media. Her website has been consistently getting more traffic, and her business is seeing growth in sales. So for her, that is the best way to use her website.

Now on the other side of the spectrum I have a client who owns a pizzeria. His business is successful. But the way he uses his website is completely different. He concentrates all his attention on his current customers. His website is designed, not to reach to the ends of the earth, but only in his surrounding towns.  Other than Yelp, there is no real social media campaign. Analytics and SEO do not interest him. The primary goal of his website is to make it easy for the surrounding businesses and repeat customers, to get their lunch and dinner orders, as well as any catering orders, processed through his website directly from a PC or mobile device. His website has rich pizzeria type colors, and vibrant HD pics of all his dishes. As soon as his website opens, you are brought to his daily menu! No playing around here, right to the product! And the key feature is a click to call button I installed, which is on every page. So as soon as you find what you're looking for, click the icon and a call is placed to the store. Simple, cut and dry.So for him, that is the best way to use his website. 

And then in the middle of the road I have a client who's website does well. She is a blogger and also has her own Youtube channel. She relies on her blog and video to get her word out. She is not getting the most from her website, but it is still generating traffic. Her biggest misuse is promoting in the wrong direction.  I follow her blog and Youtube channel. (this makes it easy for me to know when something new is posted so I can
add it to her site)
Youtube and Blogger will send notifications out to her followers whenever new content is posted. Where she makes her mistake is, she'll go on FB or Twitter, and promote either that new blog post or video. But why is that wrong? Well let's use her blog as an example. All her blog followers have already received a notification about the new post. But what about her Youtube followers? Granted there will be a bunch that follow both her YT and Blog, but what about the ones who only follow one of them? Maybe they don't know about the other? Maybe they haven't shown interest in the other because they haven't been exposed to it. Then what about all her followers on Twitter or FB that don't like blogs but like videos, and never click the blog links? Here's where her website would shine. If she promoted the blog n Twitter or FB, linking it to the website, then every Twitter and FB follower would go to her website and see all her work. On her homepage, you'll find  her latest videos, blogs, calendar of events, Twitter and FB feeds. You could subscribe to her website or become a member, and receive news letters. Viewers who maybe didn't know or weren't interested in her blog let's say, will now see it and maybe take a closer look. A viewer could choose what to look at, or what to follow right from the site.
The point here is choice. The choice of viewing  4-5 different types of media laid out in front of them, as opposed to just one blog post. By giving them that choice, you're showing more of your work, and more people will subscribe and follow, generating more traffic to your website. That WOULD BE the best way for her to use her site.

So there are 3 different circumstances, and 3 different ways to use your website. if you fall into one of these categories, then try one of these methods out. Or contact me and maybe I'll have some good advice for you to use.

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