Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Top 3 Things Your Visitors Must Easily Find On Your Website

I am always preaching to my clients about website simplicity. Meaning in order to get your services across to your site visitors, the data must be presented in a clear fashion which simple design accomplishes best.
So when a new visitor lands on your site, what is the information they are for most?
What many call it the About section, I call the About and Services Section. Why? Well, I feel a good about section will tell not specifically about only the business, but about how their services and expertise in their field will help their customers.
A good about section will clearly display the services offered and how they can help a potential customer. It usually is the first section under the header and below the fold, although a newer trend is to keep the header smaller so the services section is showing above the fold which enables it to be seen upon landing on a site. doing this pulls the viewer down the page to see the section.
Most of my clients never realize how important this section of their website is in our initial discussions. But if you use your own experiences when making a purchase online, think about how long it takes you to view the reviews of a product? In most sites, it is the 1st or 2nd highest viewed page on a site. People want to hear how others who have purchased the product or service liked it, and what their experiences were. I know I almost never purchase a product if it has more than 2 negative reviews. That’s powerful, free, advertising.
While it is obvious that every business needs to have a contact section, it is not always obvious of how important it is of how accessible it should be. While classic styled websites have always shown the contact section as its own page, it is now recommended that it have its own section on every page. This way a site visitor never has to look too far to be able to contact the site owner.
So take a look at your website and make sure these sections are built and designed to perform. They could be the difference between gaining a sale and losing a sale.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 – The year that was for Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Buzz

Throughout 2015 cloud accounting software suppliers continued to dazzle us with the delivery a plethora of new features and functions. We saw both new modules being delivered and the enhancement and extension of existing functionality. Some releases helped close the gap between one product and its competitors and others gave a product a competitive advantage over its rivals.

Interestingly a review of what was delivered by the different vendors identified several common features highlighting the importance of mobile apps and providing continuous improvement especially with regards to automation of non-value add and business-sensitive  activities. Features that I found across several products included:

  • Refinement of the functionality associated with bank feed data.
  • Delivery of mobile apps.
  • Options to facilitate customer payment of invoices.
  • Capturing of on-billable time and/or expenses.

In a world of continuous updates it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the bigger picture, to understand both how individual products…

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