Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 – The year that was for Cloud Accounting Software

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Throughout 2015 cloud accounting software suppliers continued to dazzle us with the delivery a plethora of new features and functions. We saw both new modules being delivered and the enhancement and extension of existing functionality. Some releases helped close the gap between one product and its competitors and others gave a product a competitive advantage over its rivals.

Interestingly a review of what was delivered by the different vendors identified several common features highlighting the importance of mobile apps and providing continuous improvement especially with regards to automation of non-value add and business-sensitive  activities. Features that I found across several products included:

  • Refinement of the functionality associated with bank feed data.
  • Delivery of mobile apps.
  • Options to facilitate customer payment of invoices.
  • Capturing of on-billable time and/or expenses.

In a world of continuous updates it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the bigger picture, to understand both how individual products…

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