Friday, August 21, 2015

Web Design Trends That Have Created Change In 2015

Here are some of the latest trends in web design for 2015. These styles and features have transformed web design in 2015 and continue to move the industry forward.
Huge Background Images
High Definition background images that span the screen make bold statements. If done correctly, they are inviting and in most cases stunning on a good display.  They pull the site visitor in immediately.
Responsive Design 
After Google releasing the news of websites being penalized for not being mobile friendly, Responsive Design has never been more important. The ability to view a website on different screen sizes is essential due to the ever increasing mobile device.
Adaptive Design
Designers using Adaptive editors will have an advantage as they can make different versions of their websites to suit the device it is being viewed on. The power of Adaptive development is underrated, but as the mobile industry continues its takeover, having subtle differences between formats will be powerful tools in the web design industry.
Material/Flat/Vibrant Design
As Google has updated all its apps and services to Material Design, web designers will undoubtedly be inspired. The flat, bold and vibrant colors can be fun to play with. And the fluid transitions create a nice UI/UX. 
Simple/Minimal Design
Simple/Minimal websites have gained in popularity. Companies have seen how the style sells their products, more clearly promotes their call to action, and introduces more of their information to potential clients, due to the clear easy navigated styled site. Although not an easy style to design in, the benefits have proven to be great with this  type of website.
As a web designer, I have used all these trends and ideas. Some with great success, and some which ended up in the trash. But it has been an exciting time for these features as they have taken center stage in the design world.  Only the future knows what hybrids will come from these ideas.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Come Up With Ideas For Blog Posts

Blogging is an essential part of any campaign to increase your online presence. It plays a huge part in back linking and other SEO practices. But coming up with ideas can be more challenging then actually writing about them.

    I have clients that always ask me to either write for them or give them an ideas. While I am by far no expert, I always try to offer my assistance. After all, anything I can do to help my clients, is not only good for my business relationship, but it is part of my responsibility to them.

    So with this in mind, I have written a news letter to them explaining how to use their blog as a tool for their website as well as their business. In conjunction, I am sharing some things about how to get ideas for blogging.

  1. Keep Ideas on File.  You never know where or when an idea or inspiration for a post will come.  So write it down on a pad or on your smartphone.
  2. Get Inspiration From Other Bloggers.  By reading other blogs you like, you can use the same topics or maybe put a twist on them to make it your own. Maybe the particular blog missed a point you thought was important? You can blog about that.
  3. Ask Your Audience From Social Media. Your followers and friends are always eager to help. You would be surprised how many ideas they can give you that you never thought of. Tap into this source. They’ll also appreciate you using their idea!
  4. Rehash One Of Your Best Performing Blogs.   So you already know that that blog topic worked. Maybe revisit it, take another point of view, or just update it.  The world changes so fast, there should definitely be new data to add.
  5. Write A Guide.  Use your expertise in your field and write a guide that will help others. It will also give you credibility in that field and maybe lead to a few customers!
  6. Have A Guest Writer. Often we all know someone in a similar business as ourselves. A fresh point of view is great for your readers. It also shows you are open to other ideas from your peers. They may also in turn ask you to write for them. A win win for everyone.
  7. Use What’s Trending!  There are lots of ways to find out what’s trending.

Here are a few places to look:

Well there you have 7 ideas for blogging.

Would you like to write a post for me? Send me the topic and the post and if I like it and think it’s relevant, I’ll publish it here as well as give you some free advertising!

Now get to work!

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