Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Website Designer Tool

I've just started using a new site designer tool called Webflow. A drag and drop editor based on bootstrap. This editor is clearly not for everyone. To effectively be able to use this, you need to know CSS.
This is my first night going through all the features, and there are plenty of them. The editor is based on a box within a box type system. As Webflow describes the drag and drop is a little awkward and I am having trouble getting things exactly the way I want them, but that's just because of my unfamiliarity with the tools.
Webflow claims one of the best features they offer is being able to build a page or website and export the code to use somewhere else. That can be useful if you use an editor that does not let you alter their code.
I plan on building a sample website to see just how long it would take, taking into consideration again my unfamiliarity. I also plan on building a page and exporting the code to use somewhere else for ex. a website page.
I won't start until I have a good working knowledge of the dashboard. I will blog about my experience using Webflow for anyone interested in trying it out.

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