Saturday, November 22, 2014

2nd Day Working With Webydo

Well the first day on Webydo was slow. Feeling my way around the vast customization tools and settings was time consuming. But the amount of control you have is tremendous.

One of my biggest issues was a social media bar which Webydo does not have. So what's the big deal, just get an image for whatever icon you need and link it rt? Well the only problem is you have to purchase the image of that icon. That can get expensive if you have many sites, as well as tedious to find the rt colors. As far as getting the image online, the problem is that you don't own the rights and actually can be sued. I was told this by a lawyer so I'll take his word for it.

So I turned to POWr, which makes a bunch of different types of plugins. They make some for specific companies such as Wix and SquareSpace. But they also will let you embed with  HTML <script> and <div> tags that you can put right in.

POWr is great because you can customize every aspect of the icons, square, round, color, background etc... Really makes a great looking social media bar. When you can match those colors to your website theme colors, it brings the ui to a new level.

So I am still continuing with Webydo. As I said on a post the other day, the clarity and vibrancy of the features just make the website jump off of the screen.

So what I did as sort of a test, was build the website for my client using one of the most popular and powerful editors out there in  Wix, and then I built the same website on Webydo. Ive used Wix many times before, and it's a great design editor. So I sent them both to my client, and we'll see which one she goes for.

Obviously I will not be doing this for every client, this is just my experiment. But so far everyone I've showed them to side by side say they like the Webydo one better. So I'm curious to see what the client picks.

There is also another thing I noticed. The Webydo website does load much quicker than the Wix site. Both sites are basically the same with the same elements on the same pages. I was told that Webydo uses Google's servers while Wix uses their own. That could be the difference.

So that's where I am with Webydo.
I'll keep posting as I go.

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