Friday, November 21, 2014

1st Website Build Using Webydo

Well I started using Webydo for an actual client's website. While it is taking considerably longer then let's say for ex. a Wix site, the designer page turns out some beautiful looking work. After watching all the tutorials and looking through the knowledge base, my first thought was to recreate a website I had already built. This was a mistake. All it did was frustrate me.
So I decided to start with a blank template and work on a website that had not been built yet. Much easier task than trying to copy a website.

There are still a few tools missing that I'd like to see such as a social media bar, but that can be worked around.

So far I am really liking the editor. It really does produce sharp, clear text and colors. And as I get used to all the   features, you really can see the incredible amount of control you have over every single item you put on the site.

So here are a couple of pages I am playing around with.

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