Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Abandoned Webflow (for now) Trying Out Webydo!

Well after one night of using Webflow, I became very frustrated. On a suggestion from  a fellow twitter follower, I started working with Webydo. So this is my first day with Webydo. Its very different than the editors I'm used to. But it went smoothly the deeper I went in. I decided to take one of my client's sites and reproduce it using Webydo.
It started off slow, but moved along smoothly after a couple of hours. There are some features that are either missing or that I just haven't found yet, such as a social media icon bar, or a membership login button. So I will continue using this for awhile, at least until I finish replicating my clients site, and maybe building another one for a potential client. I will keep the blog posted with my experiences.

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