Thursday, December 4, 2014

How Valuable Is A Google + Page?

So do you have a Google + page? Not just a profile, but a separate page for business? This page, like all other Google products, can be a great way to get your website out there in searches.

When you post on the Google page, it is immediately crawled, and all relevant terms in the post are added to the relevant search keywords. For ex. Last night I decided on a new aggressive promotion. So after Tweeting it, I turned to my Google page. I made several posts, each with the keywords I wanted it to show up for. So my first post said Free Website followed by the description. I then posted a couple of others with different terms like Free Website Designer, Free Website  Build, etc... I put my Twitter ad link in the post as well. I then cleared my cache and went to my browser and searched Free Websites. In the matter of minutes it took to clear my PC, and type in my search, my post featured me on the 1st page! Actually the fourth result behind two ads!  After scrolling down, another of my old posts that had the word free came up as well. The same result happened for all the posts in relation to their searches.

So what could be the reason for this?

Is it because g+ is a google product? Absolutely!

Is it because g+, blogger and YouTube are completely engrained  into the Google ecosystem and they get priority? Damn rt!

Remember, Google is all about connecting people, so their services are built on that foundation. They want to connect everything and everyone.

So if you don't have a G+ page, or use Blogger or have a YouTube channel for your business, you are missing out on getting connected.

Hope this helps.

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