Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Website Design

So I am the owner of SMR Website Design. I had a great idea for start up companies. A Free Website Promotion. I started this promo, using my Twitter ads. I started a website clicks campaign as well as a lead generator campaign. Both ads led me to more views of my website, which inevitably led to some potential clients.
Start ups usually have little or no money in their budget for a website. As I have received a few inquiries for websites, only to find that these startups could not afford the prices I was charging. Being a web designer, when I was a startup, I was not so strapped. I used my other company to help fund this new one. Also, I am able to do my own website SMRWebsiteDesign , update it, as well as do all my SEO and social media, so that is a cost I did not incur.
But as I have been speaking to people and potential clients, I realized that startups need that first break. You know the one all successful businesses hoped for when they were starting out. So I came up with this Promotion.
-free website
- no charge for the design or build
-$30 upfront for 1 yr of hosting
-$30 per month for site maint, updates, SEO, client management etc...
Now on my end, I will lose out on the price of a completed website. For me that means anywhere from $300-$500! But, the other part of the payment plan is $30 a month, $30,for 1 yr of hosting and I run their site, SEO etc... What this does is provide me with income, but at the same time provide a startup not only with a website which they need, but also someone to run their SEO, client list, newsletters etc... This way their website has a greater chance of generating business for them as opposed to creating one themselves with none of the seo or not having one at all.
Since I have proposed this, I have 5 startups. 3 have committed, and two are just getting their businesses together, but they liked my proposed designs, and assured me they will be in touch soon.
So that's 5 clients I could pick up.  That makes the promotion for me worth while monetarily, while at the same time, helping out some good people.
The other side of the coin is that by helping these people, they will recommend me to their friends, customers, etc.... extending my reach to even more potentials.
I believe this is a win win situation for both parties involved. I am happy to provide this service to them, and honestly can't wait to get these sites published and live.
If you do need a web designer please feel free to Contact me with any questions you might have.
-Frank - SMR Website Design

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