Friday, December 26, 2014

Great Advertising Tool For Social Media

So here is a great tool I have been using, it's called Canva.
Canva let's you design cards, business cards, media headers, email headers, and of course Twitter Cards. It's costs $1.00 per card but there are also free cards depending on the design.  I've been using Canva, for  my Twitter posts, to attract more attention in the live stream. These posts stand out a little more and catch users attention.

The fact that a premium card only costs $1.00 is amazing, considering the quality of the image. The designer itself is extremely easy to use, and offers many backgrounds and text options, as well as title designs too.

I used it to create the header on my website, SMR Website Design, and it looks great. I also rotate a few Twitter cards throughout my daily posting as it introduces a fresh look for viewers.
The fact that they make the cards for a Twitter feed or Twitter header, makes it extremely easy for you to design one that fits perfectly for the feed.

They also offer Facebook and Google+ headers as well.

So if you do need a card made, I could certainly help you out, or just design one for you. But you should definitely take a look at this great tool.

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