Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Don't Let Your Website Get Outdated

Often, as the years pass, businesses forget about their websites. Once a business achieves some success, they point their attention on keeping it going, or continuing to grow.
Websites, like fruit or milk, can become outdated and stale.
New trends in design, structure, and even code, can quickly change. This could leave your once great website, feeble and out of touch.
At SMR, we recently received a request from a business owner. He saw our Twitter Ad Card, clicked on our Promotions button, and checked out our website Plans. He asked us to take a look at his businesses website, and find out why the gallery didn't work, and why there were no paragraphs in the containers provided. He also wanted to streamline the site and bring it up to date.
So after going through his site, we found that he had some out of date plugins that would not work, as well as some code that was no longer accepted by certain platforms. His website was built in 2006, so it was very old, almost ancient in the technology world.  The colors, fonts, and the pics were also dated. According to today's trends and standards, this website was no longer desirable for customers to visit.
His other main issue, was his SEO. Yes even SEO has changed dramatically. New trends in SEO management, as a result of a market flooded with website traffic, has forced SEO managers to adapt. Social media such as Twitter, now plays a huge role in business marketing. And now with media sites like Twitter adding business ads and promoting small businesses with their own app, Twitter Planner, SEO managers now need to know how to enhance SEO for social media. 
For ex. Twitter now provides ads that use keyword searches. These ads will show up when a keyword is entered. Twitter records all the info. Impressions, engagements, cost per click, and how much spent. You can easily use this info to gauge how your ad card is performing. By seeing a daily and final budget, you are always in control. You can customize everything about your ad, how long it shows, language, location, a specific campaign, and so much more.This is the new SEO for website analytics. If you are not on board you will miss out on a lot of exposure for your company.
Needless to say his SEO did not cut it.
So we are in the process of redesigning his site, basically from scratch. His blog, links, and pages, all need facelifts, as well as his content. Since he hasn't kept up with updating his info, it all has to go. A total ground up restoration.
The point of this post is this, just because you have a great website right now, doesn't mean you should forget about it. Constantly updating information, social media, pictures, SEO, and design, will keep your website up to the latest trends.
The importance? If your site is easy to navigate, has a nice user interface, and is clearly categorized, your visitors will will have a good experience, find what they are looking for, and inevitably become your customer.
If you need a website redesign or a new website altogether, contact us. We have great plans for start ups, are very affordable, and we love our business.
We have a couple of new promotions going on. Our best is for start ups.
So take a look at SMR Website Design and let us build your website.

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