Thursday, January 1, 2015

Holiday Twitter Ads Results

So after about a month of using Twitter Ads, and following advice from Jane Stecyk, the Marketing Manager at Twitter, I have a whole new view of the role social media is playing in business.

Before using Twitter to promote my business, I used Google Adwords. Adwords worked well, was easy to track through Analytics, and did get me a couple of clients. But if you aren't careful, it could cost you  more than you make.

When I first started with Twitter Ads, I noticed the setup and billing was
basically the same. I think the biggest thing is the reach. With Twitter ads showing up in all the related keyword searches, the impressions for 1 month were almost triple that of Adwords, and the engagements were double. That is a huge difference, especially considering that I spent half as much as I did on Adwords.

One of my favorite things though, and I feel what really drove my sales, was that I could at anytime compose a Tweet using my Twitter Cards. This way, the ad showed up in searches, but I could also place it in conversations, as well as on other social media sites just by copying and pasting the link. I was able to really target my intended audience, and get my promos out there.

So in my business, Website Design, like all businesses, it's extremely competitive. It's harder to make a sale, especially during the holidays.

In my two months of using Adwords, I've only signed 1 client and maybe lost two that were interested.

With Twitter Ads, which I've only used for 1 month, (December), I've signed 5 clients and lost only 1! That's 2/3's more clients, in half the time, spending half the money. That's a successful ad campaign for anyone if you ask me.

I have actually paused my campaigns as I am in the process of building 5 websites, and need to focus on them. But once I finish them, I will  turn them on again. I think since the holidays are over, people will be getting back to business, and I am expecting even better results.

So back to my original statement of having a whole new view of the role social media plays in business, it's clear to see with my results.

Testimonials are always the second most visited page on my website. They play a huge part in whether a client contacts you or not. The same is how people are using social media. If their friend or follower recommends someone, they will be more inclined to contact them, or even use that person's services.

"The battle is half won when you get recommended!" 

If you do need any help with your website, whether it be a redesign, or building one from scratch, you can contact me here, SMR Website Design, or check out our website for all the info you need.

Have A Happy New Year!

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