Monday, January 26, 2015

My First Material Design Website

SMR website Design LogoI have slowly been studying a new trending style, Material DesignIt is an attractive, simplistic design, with bold, but flat colors. You have all seen this style as Google has implemented it throughout their websites and apps.

So I received an email from a prospective client, who was interested in a website for his blog and social news media hub. After he filled out my build form, I thought he would be the perfect candidate for this new style design.

As I had been working on building a template previously, I decided that it would be the one that I would use.

It's a very simple design. All the important information is
Material Design by SMR Website Design
Material Design website by SMR Website Design
easily accessible in a very bold interface. But all the normal elements you would expect to see are there, and they are where you would normally find them. That is key in a website. What this does is not make the user have to think or search for all the normal features. They are where they should be, right in front of them.

Material Design is flat. There are no shadows behind images. The color palettes are based on different shades of the main color. This makes it look very uniform, but also accents different elements. The different shades compliment each other nicely and don't clutter up the screen. There are also only about 8 colors to each design, including the font color.

SMR Website Design
SMR Website Design
At SMR Website Design, we are always looking at the newest or latest trends in web design. We like fresh ideas and we try to link our client's tastes to a style that suits them.

So Contact Us today if you think you may be interested in a Material Design style website,or any other style.


  1. Thanks for sharing your views with a new trend on website design. I have gone through the blog and it amazed me a good deal. Amazon Webstore Design.

  2. "The more things change, the more they stay the same." And just like that, we're back to minimalist design schemes. I do like the material design look. I would hope and recommend though that it play nicely with responsive design too, which is just now a given in our mobile-driven world. It looks like this simpler design should foster that.

    Zack @ My Net Wire

  3. The client’s new website design looks great. I wish that I had your skills. It must be very rewarding to see a webpage take shape. The flat bold colors of the new material design are great. It seems to let you create a more uniformed appearance at a faster rate. Again, congratulations on your wonderful new template.