Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Use Twitter Ads to Your Advantage

The big debate is whether or not to use Twitter Ads, and also how to use them effectively.

So why use Twitter Ads:

Small businesses, such as mine, SMR Website Design, have very little money to spend on advertising. In most cases, as was mine, even $100 per month was unreachable.
Like Google AdWords, Twitter Ads makes their money on a pay per click basis. You can set a daily budget as well as a total amount to spend. This is advantageous to the start up, as we can control our budget. You can spend either $1.00 a day or $10.00 a day. 
But is spending that much to place your ad in a search on Twitter worth it?

From my experience, setting a low budget, while promoting the twitter card your using in the ad yourself, is
where you get the most bang for your buck.
So what does that mean?
What I do is I set my daily budget for around, $2-$3 per day. This will only get you maybe 4 clicks depending on the rates. Since the Twitter community is a vast place, your ad impressions will be a tremendous number. Impressions are how many times your ad shows up in a search.
But I believe that is not where the strength of Twitter Ads is.
To supplement your low daily budget, you need to promote your twitter cards yourself. This is extremely easy to do.

What this does is target your potential clients directly within their searches or conversations.
For ex. I want to sell a website. I check out #website designer,#website developer, etc... I post tweets using my Twitter Ads card in these conversations, and that's where the most interaction takes place.

People in those streams are either talking about, looking for, or selling websites themselves. That's where the ad does well. And that's where I pick up the most buzz.
When an interested party sees the ad and engages, Twitter gets paid, you get a lead, and the world for that moment is a happy place.

The key here, is that for a little amount of money, you can get your ad in the exact place you want it.

But what about other social media sites?

Here's another advantage of using Twitter Ads.

You can copy and paste the link of the Twitter Card you are using into any other social media, like Google+ or Facebook. A viewer there can click the link, see the card, and engage. And again, Twitter gets paid, you get your lead, and business is good. This expands the reach of your ad throughout every form of social media you are involved in!

The last thing, which is I think the first thing that will make a person decide to engage in an ad or not, is artwork!
That's right. Whenever your scrolling through a feed, do you notice all the words and posts first, or that nicely designed image that says buy something sometime here? You can't miss the yellow card that says $100 off! You probably read the card before this paragraph! 

These cards are designed to catch a person's attention, and bring them in. If you searched for a website designer, and were on a budget,  a yellow sign that said $100 Off would immediately pull you in. 
And Twitter Ads bases their advertisements on a visual card, a small phrase, and a call to action button. Simple and effective.

I do preach a lot about twitter ads, but it has been a successful tool for me and my small business.

So I hope this helps your decision of whether or not to try Twitter Ads. 

Not only do I build and design websites, but I can also design Twitter Cards for you, like the ones above. They are extremely cheap. 
If you need any help, you can Contact Me, send an email to: frank@smrwebsitedesign.com, or visit my website SMR Website Design. 

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