Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Should Your Website Designer also Guide Your Business?

Although the primary job of a  website designer is to basically  design your website, could they  also be helpful in guiding your  business? I think absolutely they  can!

Your website designer is  actually in charge of one of your most useful marketing tools. A good designer will build the UI/UX of the website to enhance your products or services. Placement of sections, images, and text, on your website, is all geared toward getting the viewer the info that you as a business, want them to see.

Remember that most website designers are also running their own businesses and are going through the same things that you are. They must also pay attention to social media, marketing trends, advertising, etc… All the same things that you are doing.

I have some clients that I have helped in every step of the way. Teaching them about the importance of social media and how to use it effectively. I also advise them on how to use their blogs to generate more traffic to their websites. I have showed them accounting services, invoicing practices, and the importance of mailing lists and client relations. In some cases even how to monetize their websites.

So while we may just be website designers, you should not hesitate to ask yours for their advice or even their help. Even if they charge you, it may be a small price to pay to bring you success.

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