Monday, July 6, 2015

Do You Have A Compelling About Page? Does It Work?

Many times, About Pages in  websites are nothing more than  informal resumes. They only  outline the website owner and  their goals and achievements. But  is this an effective about page? Is  the reader really interested in you  OR are they interested in what you  can do for them?

    According to analytics numbers on most of my websites, the About page is usually the second or third highest ranking page in their site. But could your About page be turning off customers?

    People, or potential customers, who visit your site are looking over your services or products and deciding whether or not do business with you. Your About page should give them confidence in your skills or product. It should also make them trust you to help or solve their problems.

    One way of writing an effective About page, is writing from the point of view of the reader who is looking at your particular service. Asking yourself what you would look for when visiting your website? Do you feel a connection from your About page? Do you center the content around yourself, or around your potential customer’s needs.

    Here are seven good practices when writing your About page:

  1. Do you have a specialty? Do perform a service or have a product that caters to a particular niche? This is important and should be explained further. Also include why they should choose you over the competition.
  2. Focus on the services or products that you can provide your customer. The About page is not about you, it is about what you can do to better serve them.
  3. Outline your qualifications. By doing this, you show your viewer that you have credibility in your field.
  4. Get personal. Share a few personal things like other hobbies, where you live etc… This will help form a connection with your potential customer.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words! A nice image of yourself will go a long way. Giving a face to connect to will help build trust.
  6. Update your About page often. Add any new credentials or information that may be relevant to a viewer.
  7. Add a Call to Action. Get visitors to contact you with questions, get an estimate, or find out more.

So when creating your About page, if you keep these points in mind, it should be a very effective way of obtaining some customers.

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