Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is The Client Always Right?

I'm sure we've all been there. Hired by a client to do a job for them. Hired for your expertise only to have them dictating to you what and how they want things done.

So what do you do?

I have recently had a client that hired me to build a website for them. We started off with a basic design, and as always I built something that I thought would serve the client's business well. I am always open to suggestions and any changes the client may want. If I think they're good ideas I tell them, and if I think they're bad ideas I tell them. I always try to give them the best possible advice I can to create the best product I  can.

After some collaboration, it became clear I was just doing the changes they wanted with the design they wanted. All of my ideas were discarded, and the design had become solely theirs.

So normally I really would not have such a problem with this. I am getting paid after all and that's why I am doing this. But  this website had become nothing that represents my style or my company. It actually breaks every basic rule of website design.

So what should I have done? Should I have put my company name on the project? I don't want potential customers to think this is my work.
Do I continue working with this client? If I don't feel passionate about a project, is it worth putting in my time and effort?

This is a difficult position to be in because it could affect your reputation. While on the one hand I do not want to do business with this client, but on the other hand I need the income, and do not want any bad reviews.

I have so many great clients, Next Level Speed, Acapellic RecordsNozze Marketing, to name a few. I also have 5 websites in development. So do I really need a client that I am not proud of the website produced?

SMR Website Design takes a lot of pride in our work.  We do not like to put our name on something unless we will stand behind it.

So our decision is still being made. It is a tough one.
If you have any ideas leave a comment on our website, this post, on our Facebook Page, or even Twitter.

We love hearing different views on issues that will help us be a more successful company and we value any suggestions from consumers.

- Frank 
SMR Website Design

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